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    Người gửi: phạm thị kim anh
    Ngày gửi: 20h:04' 23-11-2015
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    Cho dạng đúng cùa động từ trong ngoặc:
    He always (study) ________________English for two hours every day.
    Khoa (like) _______________History very much. It’s his favorite subject.
    The school’s cafeteria (have) ______________snacks and drinks for students.
    Thanh (study) _______________________Physics at the moment.
    Look! The teacher (look)_______________at you.
    I can’t sleep because the children (play)_______________the drum in the living room.
    Don’t make noise. The baby (sleep) ________________next door.
    Lan (do)____________ the homework now. You can call her later.
    It’s 9 on Sunday morning. I (stay) _____________ at home and (read) ______________ a novel.
    We can’t go out now. It’s (rain)____________heavily outside.
    How many books( your library, have ) ____________________________, Lien ?
    It (have ) ______________ a lot, about one thousand.
    In Viet Nam there (be) ______________ no lesson Saturday.
    Hoa’s brother (go) ______________ to the library every afternoon. He (like) ______________ reading science books, but he (not like ) ______________ history and geography books.
    How we (find) ______________ a book in the library ?
    Điền vào chỗ trống giới từ thích hợp
    Schools in the USA are different ___________ schools in Viet Nam.
    Students often go to cafeteria ___________ breaks.
    New Math books are ________ the rack over there.
    You can find readers ________ the shelf ________ the middle ________the reading room.
    The children are playing soccer _________ the school yard.
    Newspapers are _______the rack ________ the corner of the room.
    Those books _______the back of the library are ________English.
    Do you go _________school ________ foot or ________ bike?
    My house is ________ Le Loi Street, her house is ________ 9 Le Lai Street.
    We are living ________ our parents ________ Quang Ngai town.
    The books ________ the back ________ the library are ________ English.
    Nam sits ________ two school girls.
    Dictionaries are ________ the shelves ________ the left ________ the room.
    She is interested ________ literature, but we are fond ________ Math.
    The United States’ library ________ Congress contains ________ 100 milion books.
    Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc.
    The most popular after-school __________________in VietNam are foootball, basket ball and bad minton. (act)
    The city library has over 60 ___________________ (employ)
    English is an ______________and important subject. (interest)
    You can find many of books, ______________, novels, reference books, and dictionaries. (read)
    Science books are very _____________ for our study of the world. (use)
    Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch dưới
    She studies Math on Monday and Thursday.
    My favourtie subject is Art.
    The school library contains over 20 thousand books.
    Over 5000 people work in the United States’Library of Congress.
    I feel very pleased about food.
    The farmer works from early in the morning until lat at noon.
    No, Lan is never late for school.
    Lan needs to go to the railway station.
    It takes Hoa twenty minutes to go from her house to school.
    It’s one kilometer from Long’s house to his school.
    Viết lại câu
    There is not a Math class today.( We don’t
    There is a big library in Lan’s school.( Lan’s school
    The school library has over five thousand books.( There are
    I like Physic more than any other subjects.( Physic is my
    These shelves are on the right. They have novels and reference books.( Those shelves
    There is a big library in Lan’s school.( Lan’s school
    The school library has over five thousand books.( There are
    I like English more than any other subject.( Math is my
    English is easy to learn.( English is not
    Lan learns Math very well.( Lan is very good
    How much is this car?( How much does
    My brother can swim very well.( My brother is good
    Which subject do you like best?( What is your
    At recess we all like talking best.( Talking is the most
    Why don’t we go swimming?( What about
    It’s a good thing to do community service( You should
    Let’s listen to some rap music now.( Why don’t
    Lan plays for the school volleyball team.( Lan is a
    Ha Noi has many interesting places.
    ( There are
    I have fewer toys than my younger sister.
    ( My younger sister has
    Tìm lỗi sai
    The dictionaries are at the shelf on the lelf.
    Those racks has magazines and newspapers.
    Baseball is one of the most popular after school subject.
    What time do our school library open?
    Maths are my favorite subject.
    Can I find some science books at English?

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